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Groups & Committees

The committees at Congregation Sha'aray Shalom are the implementers of the infrastructure of our temple. Participation in a committee is open to all our membership. Working on a committee is a great way to get involved in the temple as well meet people and have a great time. Any member interested in a particular committee is encouraged to contact the chair of that committee. See committee chairs.

Our committees and their respective chairs are listed below:

Adult Education Committee

Adult Education Committee Chair: Penny Alschuler

The Adult Education Committee is responsible for promoting and conducting Jewish activities and programs for the Congregation and the community as a whole. Typical programs range from single day events such as our annual Hebrew Marathon to 2 month seminars on a particular Judaic topic lead by an expert in the particular area of study.

CSS Men's Club

President / Committee Chair: Harvey Kurr

Cemetery Committee

Cemetery Committee Chairs: Cathy Rein 


A small group of synagogue members who get together to pursue common interests, whether religious or secular. Chavurot help us find each other, so we can do the things we enjoy together, have fun and make new and meaningful connections. For more information on joining a Chavurah contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the "Featured Articles - Chavurah" section on the home page.

Connections Committee

Each Member town has a captain who serves as a switchboard, getting information about the needs (meals for new babies, shut-ins, rides, etc) and in turn offers of help member families have expressed.

Connections Committee Chair: Renee Rudolf

Education Committee

The Education Committee establishes the regulations and curriculum for various school programs of our Congregation. It is also responsible for the school finances and hiring of personnel. This committee works closely with the Rabbi, school principal, and parents of our students.

Education / Youth Committee

Education/Youth Committee Chairs: Julie Fox

Endowment & Planned Giving Committee

Endowment & Planned Giving Committee Chair: Joe Stone

Finance Committee

Finance Committee Chair: David Alschuler

The Finance Committee is responsible for preparing the annual budget for the Congregation, reviewing requests for unbudgeted expenditures, periodically reporting budget status to the Executive Committee and reviewing an audit of the books on an annual basis.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee Chairs: Jay Tolman

Gift Cards Committee

Gift Cards Committee Chair: Mitch Marcus

Holy Rollers Committee

Holy Rollers Committee Chairs: Rusty Preble & Phyllis Koch

 House Committee

House Committee Chair: Hank Wolfson

The House Committee is responsible for the upkeep and repair of the Temple building and its equipment. It also is responsible for the rules and regulations governing the use of the its facilities.

Membership Committee

Membership Committee Chair: Grace Strake & Kathleen Boise

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment of members and the development of programs to introduce new members to the many aspects of temple life. This committee also is actively involved in promoting events and programs of interest for our established members to maintain and enhance their participation in our community.

Mitzvah Committee

Mitzvah Committee Committee Chairs: Laurie Dannison & Renee Rudolph

The Mitzvah Committee is responsible for assisting congregants through difficult periods of their lives. Its members provide rides to those who are unable to drive, meals to those who are sick, and condolence calls and assistance to those who have recently lost a loved one.

Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Chair: Grace Strake

The Nominating Committee is responsible for interviewing and selecting members of the congregation for vacant positions on the Executive Board or Board of Trustees. Once this slate is established by this committee, the Nominating Committee presents this slate at our congregation's annual meeting in June to be voted on by the congregation.

Oneg Shabbat Committee

Oneg Committee Chair: Laurie Dannison

The Oneg Committee provides the organization and coordination of the families and individuals who setup and provide the Erev Shabbat Onegs on a weekly basis. This committee develops the annual family schedule and also assures that all the required materials and goods are available.

Passport to Israel Committee

Passport to Israel Committee Chair: Grace Strake

The Passport to Israel Committee coordinates the implementation and funding of the Passport to Israel program provided by the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP) of Greater Boston. This is a program in which members of the congregation can set aside money which is matched by CJP for the purpose of sending a child in their late teens to Israel via one of many different CJP sponsored trips.

Publicity & Communications Committee

Publicity & Communications Chairs: Jennifer Ellett and Susan Kemen

The Publicity Committee is responsible for promoting the many events that the congregation conducts during the year as well as providing general pieces to the local publications to acquaint the South Shore community of various aspects of our congregation.

Religious Practices Committee

Religious Practices Committee Chair: Jonathan Fox

The Religious Practices Committee, working very closely with the Rabbi, provides coordination, scheduling and guidance regarding rituals and observances at our congregation.

Sisterhood Committee

Sisterhood President Committee Chair:  Ellen Jacobs

Social Action Committee/ Environmental Efficiency Committee

Environmental Efficiency Committee Chairs: Jodi Tolman & Ronit Goldstein

Social Networking Committee

Social Networking Committee Chair: Chana Snyder