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breastplateOur Goal

The role of providing an excellent Jewish education for our children can only be fulfilled through the collaborative efforts of our students, teachers and parents. We aim to strengthen the bond between the home and the temple; that bond is essential to the effectiveness of the school. We urge parents to get involved through your cooperation, your support and through your reinforcement of the lessons we teach. Please make sure to mark your calendars with the important dates including the family programs, special events, as well as our Shabbat L’Kulam services for this coming year.

We are supported by the wonderful efforts of our lay leadership, who support us in our continued efforts to provide the most outstanding Jewish education possible for our students. The Education Committee is an essential ingredient to the proper functioning of our school. The committee is always looking for new members. If you would like to serve on the committee, please let us know. We look forward to your participation in the education of our children throughout the year.

The mission of education at Congregation Sha’aray Shalom is:

  • To enable children and adults to affirm and strengthen Jewish identity by promoting the goal of Jewish education within the Reform Movement.
  • To deepen Jewish experience and knowledge in order to strengthen faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with the Jewish people throughout the world.

Goals of the Religious School:

The Religious School program at Congregation Sha’aray Shalom is an integrated program of Hebrew Prayer and Judaic study both on Sunday as well as mid-week. In addition, participation the life of the synagogue community including worship, mitzvah and programming outside of the walls of the congregation are essential elements of our program.

The purpose of our Judaic curriculum is to promote a positive Jewish identity through the study of Jewish beliefs, ideals and history, and the performance of Mitzvot. Our goal is to have students think and act in a Jewish way. The Hebrew curriculum is a Siddur program, designed to enable students to become proficient in reading the Hebrew prayers, and to gain an understanding of both the prayers and the service. Students surpassing these goals will have an opportunity to learn the rudiments of conversational Hebrew.