Social Justice Committee Focuses Volunteer Work on Hunger, Gun Regulation

Reprinted from the Winter 2018/2019 Newsletter:

The Social Justice poll taken during 2018 Mitzvah Day showed that adults and teens want to work on ending hunger and gun regulation issues. The committee has listened!

Julia Preble and so many others are helping to collect, sort and deliver food all year. Our Yom Kippur team included Kris Goldberg, Diana and Marty Block, Rich Westelman, Mike and Chana Snyder, Peter, Meghan and Molly Bloomfield, as well as the entire Preble family: Rusty, Naomi, Jacob and Julia.

Since Yom Kippur, more than 1,500 pounds of food have been delivered to the Scituate, Weymouth and Hingham Food Pantries.

Thanks to the efforts of Tom Jenkins and Marci Bracken, we now have two new bins at Sha’aray Shalom for year-round food collection.

For Thanksgiving, Sha’aray Shalom raised money for the Hingham Food Pantry to provide turkeys for 15 families, and to help homeless members of our communities during the winter months, we are collecting 200 pairs of wool socks.

Looking ahead to 2019, we will sponsor three programs for adults and teens on balancing our children’s safety with the right to own a gun. CSS will again participate in the annual Boston Pride Parade in June. Sally and Steve Bergstein are organizing again. Mitzvah Day on Sunday, May 5, will include a Blood Drive chaired by Marty Gall and the assembly line packaging of 10,000 meals for South Shore residents.

Much to do and many ways you can participate! Our team is growing daily: Jessica Badiner, Adam and Leia Rudikoff, Susan Evans, Suzanne Ruminer, Jordan Sommer and Cheryl Hurchand have all volunteered to help. We hope you’ll join us!